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Driving Growth: Meet Our Dynamic Team at Xcelerate Sales


Andre V. Greco

Co-Founder of Xcelerate Sales

Most of the biographies I have read in my life were written in the third person which, to me, feels very scripted and cold. What we do at Xcelerate Sales with the Sales qb tools is extremely unique and personal so I felt my biography should follow in suit. For the last 30+ years I have a built a career around a single discipline, more sales. My background is diverse. Sales, sales management and executive leadership. Residential, light commercial, industrial, and government. Direct sales, business development, global accounts, and marketing. Small start-ups to the Fortune 500. Many different organizational types, vertical markets and product lines, but always the same focus and outcome, more sales. Of the different role types I have had, my favorite has always been working within a business that wants growth. My ability to identify gaps, create a repeatable sales process, and give individualized coaching to salespeople have served me, and the companies I have represented, very well. Do you want to do more? Do you need more sales? We should talk.

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Scott Sereboff

Vice President - Emerging Technologies

Scott Sereboff provides hands-on assistance in navigating entry into the North American market by a new product or new company. Scott’s work with the type of companies focuses on a bottom-up approach. With a robust 30-year career marked by the fervor of an entrepreneurial spirit and the acumen of a seasoned sales and marketing leader, Scott helps companies avoid overlooking critical parts of what is needed to enter a market. Scott’s journey has been characterized by the breadth of experience gained through the highs and lows of product launches, sales strategies, and business leadership. Each venture served as a crucible, tempering his skills and enriching his expertise, particularly within the realms of startup development, channel sales, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. 

Working with such companies as Deeping Source Inc., where Scott served as General Manager for North  America, he led initiatives that struck the delicate balance between data collection efficiency and privacy  compliance. His tenure saw the resolution of complex problems by harnessing technology that could  intelligently categorize data while protecting individual privacy. His skill set underpinned the company’s success and positioned it as a leader in its field.  

The bedrock of Scott’s career was laid at Veracity, a Scottish company he co-founded and where he helmed as CEO. Here, he showcased his prowess by catapulting sales from the ground up, reaching over $45 million in revenue over 12 years, establishing pivotal partnerships, and leading sales teams to achieve and surpass ambitious sales targets. This role not only demanded a mastery of sales  management and team leadership but also a hands-on approach to creating and nurturing major client relationships and distributor networks.


Pamela Greco

Co-Founder of Xcelerate Sales

It begins with the sale.  My 30-year career has focused on improving business operations.  With a continuous process improvement methodology and service mindset, I develop new and re-engineer existing business policies, processes and tools.  I have implemented measurable process improvements in small divisions and global operations, across industries including financial services, healthcare and manufacturing.  Operational areas including account set up, ordering, claims, billing, accounts payable/receivable, inventory and customer service.

Bill Gates may have said it best “A lousy process will consume ten times as many hours as the work itself requires.” 

Let’s fuel your business by creating an efficient business operation that will reduce costs and improve delivery quality.


Dave Moravec

VP of Client Engagement

Dave Moravec is an entrepreneurial senior executive with consistent success in starting, building, and growing the profitability, performance and value of small to mid-size organizations. He is an experienced planner, leader, and specialist at capturing business development opportunities and merging resources which in turn position companies for their next level of growth. HIs use of results driven methodology, promised objectives and process improvements have especially been effective in high pressure situations such as start up companies, unprofitable organizations, family businesses where stress is present and where the owner is heavily invested in the sales process, but also manages the day-to-day operations. Dave’s sales leadership experience includes managing larger teams, he has supported and opened relationships with Fortune 500 companies at the C-suite, and has trained/mentored younger salespeople into leadership roles.

With a remarkable track record in sales and business development, I have consistently delivered outstanding results in diverse settings. Notable achievements include:

Key Client Acquisition

Secured 81 new end user customers in 3 years including Aetna, Continental Tire, and Trinity College who all required a complex integrated software offering.

Fortune 500 Transformation

Built the sales structure, marketing methodology, and training program for a Fortune 500 company leading to incremental growth of $150M in a two-year period.

Dramatic Sales Growth

Built the sales process and sales training program for a residential / light commercial start-up that in 2022 had $38M in revenue.

Integration Expertise

Integrated two disparate companies into a single sales team growing revenue from $25M to $45M in one year.

Territory Expansion

Assumed geographic responsibility for a $12M territory and after rebuilding the sales team and go to market strategy, grew the business $6M in one year.


Fueled by Giving Back

We are fueled by giving back, along with our time we donate 5% of all gross revenue to these charities.  Let us know if there is a charity you would like us to fuel.