Frequently asked questions about Xcelerate Sales

We’ve collected our answers to the most common questions about Xcelerate Sales

NO. We have had many experiences with consultants both large and small over the years. The typical consultant will spend weeks inside your business interviewing, scoring, assessing, etc. and will ultimately deliver a presentation or reports telling you what you are doing wrong and suggesting some possible fixes. Then they go away. Yes, we will assess your sales and marketing practices, quickly. But, then we will create, implement and train your teams on the processes and tools that will help you achieve your goal of more sales!

Sales training programs are a one size fits all proposition. Most want you to change the way that you do business to fit into the training program they are selling. At Xcelerate Sales we will definitely train your sales team. But, the training will be hands on and will be based on a program that we create specifically for your business. We even do in-field training with your sales team to ensure they are using the tools we have provided and are achieving maximum return on invested time.

Xcelerate Sales creates an opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to access a highly-skilled sales professional at a fraction of the cost of a full-time manager.


We will work on:

  • Creating an effective lead generation program
  • Structuring the sales process
  • Leveraging technology in the sales process to increase productivity and lower costs
  • Designing a sales management model
  • Creating a hiring and training process
  • Hiring salespeople in conjunction with your team
  • Coaching individual salespeople including pre-call planning, post call debriefs, and ride-alongs
  • Training and educating the salesforce
  • Managing the day-to-day sales activities
  • Holding the salesforce accountable
  • Assessing your back office and project implementation processes for efficiencies and enhanced customer service

Our programs are designed for small and mid-sized businesses with 1-15 salespeople. Whether it’s an owner who is the sole salesperson or a fifteen-person team……

  • Small businesses simply cannot compete for top sales talent financially, so they need to make their sales function work with Band C players.
  • Generally, even if you know a salesperson is a “C player,” you are reluctant to get rid of them. (Think about the time and money it takes to recruit and train a salesperson) Consultants and “business analysts” will try to sell you the concept of “I’ll get rid of your bad salespeople” which is not something that Xcelerate Sales will do. Our philosophy is, “you don’t need to get rid of them. A superior sales process will make them significantly better.”
  • Process is controllable; people are not. By delivering a program that improves sales via an operational process, the business has a more consistent and predictable sales system.
  • Sales management is a “skill position.” Only a skilled sales manager can accomplish the tasks necessary to gain the many benefits of sales management. Many small businesses go without a sales manager or have an under-skilled one.
  • We consult with the client to scope the work, but then stay on board to do the necessary work.