Our 12-Step Fuel

Driven by a proven program

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The path to guaranteed growth

Step 1: Auditing your sales best practice™

Step 2: Increasing lead generation quantity and efficiency

Step 3: Creating a “proven & repeatable sales process” for the company

Step 4: Leveraging technology to reduce sales costs and effectiveness

Step 5: Improving sales management by installing models, systems, and management

Step 6: Improving individual salesperson performance through coaching, mentoring, and training


Getting your sales function running smoothly and efficiently

Once your process is fully implemented, you can retain Xcelerate Sales to manage the process or turn it over to one of your people. This process takes time, but the system will become a vital asset to your business. We recommend you retain us to coach and manage your staff, but you are free to take the system created and run with it.

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As you go through this document, think about how each section applies to your own business. Write down this information as it comes to mind in that section of the 12-Step document.

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